little silver records to release IKO-IKO’s Greatest Hits!

IKO-IKO: Bullets in the Bonfire Vol. 1
The Songs of Graham Wood Drout
little silver records

little silver records is thrilled to announce the release of BULLETS IN THE BONFIRE VOL.! a fifteen track retrospective of the legendary South Florida band IKO-IKO and the songs of Graham Wood Drout. This collection includes recordings from 1988’s Kingsnake Records release SNOWSTORM IN THE JUNGLE and little silver records RIDING ON THE RIMS, PROTECTED BY VOODOO, SHINE, Albert Castiglia and IKO-IKO’s BURN and Castiglia and Drout’s acoustic album THE BITTERSWEET SESSIONS.
Song list:
1. Party Car
2. (I Never Had An) American Dream
3. Celebration
4. Don’t Mess With the Voodoo (live)
5. Miller’s Woods
6. Late Hours
7.Pet De Kat
8. Snowstorm In The Jungle
9. Too High To Drive
10. JalapeƱo Be Thy Name
11. Walk With The Zombie
12. Riding On The Rims
13. Motherless Children (live)
14. Ghosts of Mississippi ( w/ Albert Castiglia)
15.The Day The Old Man Died (with Albert Castiglia)